• How much money have you spent on your machine and quilting supplies?

    MKQU annual memberships are the cost of a single live class. You will have access to classes on-demand. Most can be downloaded for offline viewing.

  • How much money does it cost you when your machine is not working?

    Essential if you are making money with your machine. MKQU will provide courses on troubleshooting, setting up small business email, websites, domains, and bookkeeping.

  • Is struggling with the new technology taking you away from what you love to do?

    MKQU will provide courses that allow you to learn at your own pace. Small specific topics that you can use as a reference when the need arises. MKQU is open weekends!

Membership Benefits

Joining the MK Quilts University is the best value. Your rate will be locked in so long as you remain a member. It will cost new members more to join later.

  • Access to all paid content

    $500 value and growing!

    All the MK Quilts video training videos are now available through this site. Future MK Quilts training course are included in the membership.

  • Live Training Webinars

    $100 a month value

    We will have a minimum of one live 90-minute training webinar. At times it will be 2-3 webinars a month. All webinars will be posted for replay to members.

  • Access to the private MKQU Facebook Group

    $100 value

    You will be given greater access to MK and other content providers with priority responses.

Standard Membership

Join now. Lock in your tuition rate. Cancel at any time with one button click.

  • $29.95 / month with 7 day free trial

    Use Coupon: 5offmembership to save $5/mo for 6 months

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