Do you own a longarm quilting machine and don't know where to go for regular service?

Learn to perform basic service on your own machine.

Not everyone has access to a certified technician when their machines need service or repair and we know some owners are interested in learning to do these services and basic repairs on their own. 

Through this training and service bundle, MK Quilts and our certified technicians will provide the  training and support that will help you become an Owner Technician

An Owner Technician is an individual who owns (or is related to someone who owns) a Handi Quilter machine and who does basic service and repair on their own machine.

This is not an official Handi Quilter technician certification program, therefore you should not identify yourself as a "Certified Technician." 

*If you have a qualified HQ retailer and technician in your area that comes out to your home, you are best off to rely on their experience.

This membership is not necessary to get support.

If you have a troubleshooting question or need tech support or do not want to service your own machine, please click the button below to go to the MK Quilts Support page.

Why We Created This Owner Technician Training & Service Support Program

We Saw a Need...

MK Quilts is the leading NATIONAL Handi Quilter retailer with customers all across the nation and our own independent technicians scattered across the country. 

We have noticed a disturbing trend plaguing HQ machine owners lately, with retailers across the nation closing up shop and leaving their customers without service or not offering reliable service even if open. We also realize that even if there is a retailer within a few hours, many owners struggle to physically transport their machines to the shop. With so few states having enough reliable technicians available to do service calls in the home, there is understandable frustration from HQ owners. 

We saw a need for education and training, so we developed a program to offer technical training to Handi Quilter machine owners who want to service their own longarms . 

This is NOT a  certification program. You will be learning from and receive mentoring from our own certified technicians.

Join the Training Program

Learn to confidently troubleshoot and service your own machine.

What's Included?

In addition to an extensive library of training resources, we provide the following:

  • Training on common service issues...

    $300+ per instance savings over service call

    - Machine Timing - Open/Closing machine chassis safely - Cleaning and internal lubrication - Take-up Spring replacement - Hopping/Presser foot repair - Needle bar alignment - Remote 'Tele-tech' video support

  • On-call Certified Technicians


    HQ is not open on weekends for technical support, but we are. Having someone to call when you run into trouble is essential. Remote video conferencing and enhanced troubleshooting procedures will resolve your issues more quickly.

  • Quick Access to Common Parts

    Less downtime

    MK Quilts maintains a large stock of repair parts that can be shipped out more quickly than going directly to Handi Quilter.

Join Now

6 Month Subscription/$150