Ellen Ault

Specializing in Free Motion, Ruler Work and Pro-Stitcher

In 2019, Ellen joined the MK Quilts team as Studio Manager allowing her to share her talents with customers, quilting both free motion and computerized designs.  Ellen has a unique affinity with rulers and free motion that complements MK's style and skills.  She both contributes to MK Quilts content and offers her own specialized courses. 

Visit Ellen's website at http://handmade3d.me/

Contact Ellen at ellen@mkquilts.com

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Stephanie Baker

Specializing in Pro-Stitcher and Custom Design

Stephanie Baker is a professional longarm quilter and Certified Instructor with Quiltworx and Judy Niemeyer. Shortly after purchasing her first longarm, Stephanie took on clients and never looked back. After mastering her craft with simple designs, she tackled the intricate details of longarming Quiltworx paper piecing patterns and added them to her growing portfolio. Stephanie’s quilts win ribbons in all sorts of categories at various shows.  

Contact Stephanie at stephaniezquiltz.com

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Ritu Haldar

Specializing in Needle Turn Applique, EPP and Surface Design

I LOVE appliqué! I am an instinctive artist who has loved color and playing with fabric for many years. Color brightens my day and old world artisans are my inspiration. A blend of east and west is my way of honoring cultures from all over the world. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey of learning and exploring our creativity together!

Winner of the 2021 Nancy Zieman Productions Pillowcase Challenge

Find me on under Designs By RSH on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram social media platforms.

Visit Ritu's shop at Designs By RSH https://www.etsy.com/shop/designsbyrsh

                              Contact Ritu at ritu.haldar@halovation.com

                              Click HERE to see a list of Ritu's courses.

Gretchen Krasoski

Specializing in Piecing and Applique

Gretchen's love for sewing began at an early age alongside her mother.  She became a serious quilter twenty years ago when she moved to Florida, bought a great new sewing machine and found a wonderful local quilt shop with great lessons and inspiration. As a retired elementary school teacher, her love of teaching continues through offering classes to individuals and at a local quilt store. Quilting is now her full-time job - taking part in craft shows, making quilts and quilting for others, and of course, learning long arming from MK. Gretchen is thrilled to be able to share her experience with machine applique quilting with us her at the "U." 

                                                                     Contact Gretchen at gkrasoski@cfl.rr.com 

                                                                     Click HERE to see a list of Gretchen's courses.

Melissa Kruschwitz

Specializing in Sim, Pro-Stitcher, and Pro-Stitcher Designer

Founder and primary instructor at MK Quilts University. MK started out as a quilter over a dozen years ago and is now a freelance computerized longarming expert specializing in Handi Quilter Pro-Stitcher and Sim.

Her real-world training comes from growing her basic longarming passion into a profitable business. Melissa's enthusiasm and passion is evident as she encourages her students to dive in and start quilting.  

See Melissa's courses HERE

Paul Kruschwitz

Specializing in Technology and Troubleshooting

After 30+ years in Enterprise I.T., Paul found that his technological skills combined with Melissa's creative skills uniquely made them the perfect team to run MK Quilts.  Every beauty needs a beast.  Their combined skills allowed them to build an on-line presence to educate, support, and sell.  MK Quilts continues to grow in size and scope thanks in large part to Paul's direction and support.

And we can't forget, Samson, the real face and driving force of MK Quilts! 

See a list of Paul's courses HERE

Paco Rich

Specializing in Piecing and Digital Design

I am a Southwest New Mexico native, born and raised. In the mountains surrounded by nature, I am home.

I started my quilting journey in November of 2014 and am self-taught. In 2016, I hosted my first Mystery Quilt pattern and since have published a few patterns and tutorials. My favorite quilt piecing style to do and teach is 3D Hexagons and Easy Y Seams (no pivot points) with Machine Applique coming in at a close second. 

After using my friend's Fusion in exchange for giving her a few lessons, I finally purchased my own longarm (Forte) in April 2021 and have been having a blast!

                                                                     Visit Paco's website at http://pjscraftycreations.blogspot.com

                                                                      Contact Paco at iTec.Quilting@gmail.com 

                                                                      Click HERE to see a list of Paco's courses.

                                                                      Need help with PSD? Book a Coaching session with Paco HERE.