Join us for the 2nd Annual MK Mystery Quilt Along!  

We will be going live at 10am on Friday, November 26th to create a mystery quilt with you. Tasks will be given throughout the day to complete your quilt and keep you guessing.  Lessons will be recorded for you to catch later if you cannot sew with us live.

Class/Pattern Fee: 

There is a small fee for this Mystery Quilt workshop which covers the cost of your pattern. You MUST purchase the pattern to enroll in this course. Once you make the purchase, you will be manually enrolled in this course and will receive cutting instructions to follow before the class starts. For those sewing with us LIVE, your pattern will be mailed to you the day of the workshop. This will keep you guessing throughout the day and following along.  For those that sew with us after the fact, your pattern will be shipped upon purchase. PURCHASE YOUR PATTERN AND ENROLL HERE!

Fabric Requirements and Kits:

If you want to take the stress out of picking great fabrics, kits are available and come in two sizes:  Wall/Baby and Twin.  We expect to complete the Wall Size on the day of the workshop. Quilters making the Twin will more than likely need additional time to complete the project but will be creating a beautiful quilt in the process! If you want to use your own stash, fabric requirements are shown below.  

New This Year: 

If you choose to purchase a kit, you can select your colorway, but the actual fabric will still be a surprise until it arrives. We will hand pick fabrics based on your colorway selections. 

Additional Tools Needed: 

You will need the Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler and the Kitty Cornered Ruler for this project.

Fabric Requirements:

Directional fabrics are not recommended for this project.

We have fabric kits available for purchase with your pattern. You will also need the Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler and the Kitty Cornered Ruler for this project.

The Fun Begins in....

Don't wait, purchase your mystery pattern now!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    2021 MK Mystery Quilt Along

    • Welcome & Reminders

    • Fabric Requirements and Tools

  • 2

    Zoom Registration Information

    • Registration Link

  • 3

    Cutting Instructions BEFORE class

    • Cutting Directions - PLEASE CUT BEFORE CLASS

    • Cutting Directions Updated 10/29

  • 4

    Learn to use the Rulers Ahead of Class!

    • Kitty Cornered Ruler - Cutting

    • Kitty Cornered Ruler - Piecing & Trimming

    • Ultimate Flying Geese Ruler- Heart Method

  • 5

    Flying Geese Ruler Information - Courtesy of Creator: Deb Heatherly

    • Flying Geese Tool Tutorial / All 3 Methods

    • Two Square Method --MK's Favorite

    • Flying Geese Tool Directions from the CG Website

  • 6

    Kitty Cornered Ruler Information - Courtesy of the Creative Grids Website

    • Kitty Cornered Ruler Instructions from CG

  • 7

    Step 1

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 1

    • Session 1 Replay (EDITED)

  • 8

    Step 2

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 2

    • Session 2 Replay (EDITED)

  • 9

    Step 3

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 3

    • Session 3 Replay (EDITED)

  • 10

    Step 4

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 4

    • Session 4 Replay (EDITED)

  • 11

    Step 5

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 5

    • Session 5 Replay (Edited)

  • 12

    Step 6

    • MKQ 2021 Mystery Quilt - Part 6

    • Session 6 Replay (Edited)

  • 13

    FB Live Replay

    • Post Mystery Quilt 2021 Facebook Live Replay

  • 14

    Photo Gallery

    • Let's See Your Quilts!