Join us for the 3rd Annual MK Mystery Quilt Along!  

Join MK and Ellen on Friday, November 25th for our 3rd annual Mystery Quilt class. 

We will be going live at 10am EST and will be giving sewing clues throughout the day. Keep up with us and by the end of the day, you will have a fabulous new quilt! Tasks will be given throughout the day to complete your quilt and keep you guessing.  Lessons will be recorded for you to catch later for review or if you cannot sew with us live.

Class/Pattern Fee: 

The fee for this Mystery Quilt workshop is $19.95 which covers the cost of your pattern and class instruction. You MUST purchase the pattern to enroll in this course. Once you make the purchase, you will be manually enrolled in the course and will receive cutting instructions to follow before the class starts. For those sewing with us LIVE, your pattern will be mailed to you the day of the workshop. This will keep you guessing throughout the day and following along. Don't worry, we will be giving you detailed instructions so you can easily create your quilt. For those that sew with us after the fact, your pattern will be shipped upon purchase. PURCHASE YOUR PATTERN AND ENROLL HERE!

Fabric Requirements and Kits:

If you want to take the stress out of picking great fabrics, kits are available for purchase. If purchasing a kit, you will select a colorway for your project, but the exact fabrics will be be a surprise until your kit arrives. How fun is that? Don't worry, we have picked some amazing fabrics for you. If you want to use your own stash, fabric requirements are shown below.

New This Year: 

This year we will be including a number of different layouts as an added bonus. 

Additional Tools Needed: 

No specialty rulers or tools are required for this quilt. 

Fabric Requirements:

We recommend small to medium prints.

We have fabric kits available for purchase with your pattern. Click the button for colorway options and fabric purchase.

The Fun Begins in....

Don't wait, purchase your mystery pattern now!

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Course Outline

  • 1

    About This Class

    • Friday, November 25th, 2022

    • Fabric Requirements

  • 2

    Zoom Registration Information

    • Zoom Link

  • 3

    Before Class Prep!

    • Fabric Cutting Directions - Please Complete Before Class Begins

    • 7/8" Measurements? Really?

  • 4

    Mystery Shopping Coupon

    • Mystery Shopping Coupon

  • 5

    Suggested Items

    • Rulers and Stickers

  • 6


    • Welcome from Your Dynamic Duo

  • 7

    The Piecing Begins

    • Step #1

    • Step #2

    • Separating Out Some of Our 3.5" Squares

    • Making 4 Patches / Including MK's Instruction on Swirling your Seams

    • 4 Patches Continue, Swirling the Seam, Pressing Tips and a Tip for a Simple Addition to Your Domestic Sewing Machine that you Can Get at a Dollar Store

    • To Starch or Not to Starch

  • 8

    Next Unit

    • Step #3

    • Step #4

    • More Separating Out Some of Our Squares / Squares Turned Triangles

    • Creating Our Cats Cradle Unit

  • 9

    Next Unit

    • Step #5

    • Step #6

    • Step #7

    • Step #7 Working Time

    • Step #7 Working Time Continued / Trimming

    • Moving on to 2.5" Squares and Marking Diagonally

    • Creating Our Heart-Method Flying Geese Units

    • Flying Geese Continued - Clarifications and Answering Questions

    • Trimming the Flying Geese

    • More Discussion about The Flying Geese Ruler and the GE Designs Stickers

  • 10

    Next Unit

    • Step #8

    • Step #8 Continued

    • We're Making Stars with the Flying Geese Units Made in the Previous Chapter

  • 11

    Next Unit

    • Step #9

    • Adding to the Cats Cradle Unit to Make a Complete Block

  • 12

    The Block Revealed

    • Step #10 / The Block Revealed

    • One Complete Block

  • 13

    The Quilt Revealed

    • Here She is Folks / The Pattern for This Year's Mystery Quilt

    • The Pattern

  • 14

    Let's Talk Alternate Layouts

    • Alternate layout 02

    • Alternate Layout 03

    • Alternate Layout 04

    • Alternate Layout 05

    • Alternate Layouts

  • 15

    Images from us chatting

    • Door Stopper to Raise Sewing Machine