This course uses the Fall Table Runner pattern from Buttermilk Basic.

Create Create a fabulous fall table runner! Review basic raw edge machine applique techniques and learn new tips and tricks for working with wool, thicker thread, and larger stitch patterns to create a hand-stitched look. Form applique designs on acrylic ironing sheets and learn to add an applique border.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Introduction

    • Supply List

  • 2

    Preparing Fusible Web Pieces

    • Tracing and Cutting

  • 3

    The Border

    • Preparing the Border

    • Sewing the Border

  • 4

    The Letters

    • Preparing the Letterrs

    • Sewing the Letters

  • 5


    • Preparing the Decorations

    • Sewing the Decorations

  • 6


    • Final Touches

    • Summing It Up