Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 01 - Wholecloth Layout with PS Designer

    • 1 Course / 2 Designs and Stitchouts

    • Replay of the Zoom Session

  • 2

    Chapter 02 - Reworking the Layout using Pro-Stitcher Designer

    • Handout for Class

    • Layout and Rendering w/PSD - Part 01

    • Layout and Rendering w/PSD - Part 02

    • Layout and Rendering w/PSD - Part 03

    • Layout and Rendering w/PSD - Part 04

    • Layout and Rendering w/PSD - Part 05

  • 3

    Chapter 03 - Let's Get to Stitching

    • The Stitching - Part 01

    • The Stitching - Part 02

    • The Stitching - Part 03

    • The Stitching - Part 04

    • The Stitching - Part 05

  • 4

    Chapter 04 - Updated Knowledge/Updated Techniques

    • Mandala Style Wholecloth Using Clamshell and Other P2P Designs

    • Thanks to the Folks from Quiltable for the Inspiration for this Chapter

    • Introduction

    • Using QPI to Choose Designs, Then Repeate, Duplicate and Rotate - Using Pro-Stitcher Only

    • Using QPI again to Choose to Designs but Using Pro-Stitcher Designer and the Carousel Tool

    • PSD: Rotating Designs, Cropping Start and Ends to Adjustment Connections Points, Altering Design Points

    • PSD: Using the Navigation Tool, Fine Tuning the Connection Point with Close Line, Custom Rotation, Coloring Designs for Fun

    • PSD: Final Inner Round Carousel, Usiong Default Start and Stop Points, Explaining Modify To Origin, Altering and Existing Design by Deleting Design Points

    • PSD Final Inner Round Continued

    • PSD Final Inner Round Continued, Additional Connection Options

    • PSD Final Inner Round Continued

    • PSD Final Inner Round Continued

    • Magically Joining Units Back Together in order to Adjut Start and End Points, Stitch Lengh in PSP (not necessarily relatd to Stitch Length in PSP)

    • Comparing the Design Created with 2 Different Start and Stops Points, Working with the Quiltable Design Angled Corner Fill, Alternate Outside Fills

    • Creating the MK Version of the Quiltable Triangle using Split Line

    • Final Splitting then Reconnecting the Lines and Altering the new Design Points

    • Altering and Connecting Continued

  • 5

    Chapter 05 - Creating and Using a Custom Area Shape

    • Creating a Custom Area Starting with the Ellipse Drawing Tool then Altering Design Points

    • Saving the New Custom Shape as an Area File

    • Working with the Newly Created Custom Shaped Turned Area in PSP

    • Cropping Using Pro-Stitcher, Checking for Overstitching on the Original Quiltable version of the Design

    • Combining My Triangle with the Quiltable Corner Units, Copying and Aligment to get the New Group Created and Aligned

    • Continuing with Alignment

    • Determining and Arranging Stitch Order Using PSD

    • Cropping Again but with the MK Version of the Triangle, No Overstitching

    • Crop and Trim with PSD (or not), Cropping and Trimming in PSD Didn't Work So Well

    • Final Steps and Final Thoughts