Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 01 - Introduction and a Look at the Quilt

    • A Beautiful Irish Chain Quilt - The Perfect Canvas for Custom Duplication and Grouping

  • 2

    Chapter 02 - Duplication and Grouping / The Early Days

    • Additional Comments About the Focus of this Topic Which is Duplication and Positionong

    • Dupe and Group Continued - Saving the First Time, Skewing the Individual Blocks, Talking through Saving as You Stitch,

  • 3

    Chapter 03 - Duplication and Grouping / Present Time-The Updated MK Method

    • Explanation of Why I Changed the Technique, Review - Dupe and Group w/loose Positioning is the Same, Save the Initial Workspace, Explanation of the Verbiage I'm Using When I Say "Dupe and Group"

    • Baseline and How That Affects the Design Location on the Workspace Tab, Group Selection and Baseline to Create the Group, Final Saving After all Blocks are Stitched and Grouped

  • 4

    Chapter 04 - Isolating Blocks/Designs That May Need to Be Re-Stitched

    • Pretending that the Quilt is Done But We've Found a Problem and We've Picked \Stitched -- Opening a Workspace, Isolating and Repositioning OPTION 1 Workspace That Was NOT Grouped

    • Isolating Blocks -OPTION 1 Continued, Repositioning Post-Isolation, Using Start Point and Airstitching

    • Explanation of Why We Are Isolating the Exact Block/Design We Need, Isolating and Repositioning OPTION 2 The Workspace That Was Grouped, Using Crop Start/End to Isolate

    • OPTION 2 Continued

  • 5

    Chapter 05 - Double Irish Stars

    • Pattern by: Piecing the Past Quilts