Course curriculum

  • 1

    Digital Edge-to-edge for Newbies Course

  • 2

    Setting up the Edge-to-edge design

    • Determine Pattern Size and Discussing Dimensions and Areas

    • Explanation of Repeating and also Saving your Design

    • Determining Number of Passes and Marking Safety Dots

  • 3

    Stitching the First Pass

    • Preparing to Stitch - PS Settings

    • Let's Start Stitching

  • 4

    Stitching and Re-positioning When Necessary

    • Stitching the Second Pass and Some Review

    • Dealing with Empty Bobbin and Restarting

    • Advancing, Basting, and Marking

  • 5

    Bottom of the Quilt

    • Advancing and Marking at the Bottom of the Quilt

    • Final Basting and Cropping

  • 6

    "Uh-Oh" Moment - Repositioning

    • MK Simulates Losing Position in Mid-Pass

    • Precise Re-Positioning after an "Uh-Oh", then we are done

  • 7

    Closing out the Quilt and the Course

    • Checking the Back and Final Thoughts

    • Provide us feedback on this course