Course Outline

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    Chapter 02 - Our Stitch Out of the "Celebrate the Seasons - Home Sweet Home" Panel Quilt

    • 01 - Spoken Intro to the Project At Hand

    • 02 - Let's Build It in Simulation, Exporting Design from QPI to PSP, Repeating, Sending the Repeated Design to PS Designer for Connection

    • 03 - Adding our Connected E2E Step Using Prostitcher Designer so that it Stitches Left to Right, Right to Left Without Stopping, Saving Steps Including a QPI Saving Tip

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    Chapter 03 - Time to Stitch

    • 01 - Transferring the Designs to the Tablet, Opening the Design, Marking the Initial Area, Adjusting the Area Box and Aligning the Design, Cropping, Adjusting Start Points, Baseline

    • 02 - Saving our Cropped Design Once then Again and Why Twice

    • 03 - Recap on Cropping and Naming- Comparing the MK Way and the EA Way, Explaining Some Potential Cropping Snafus, Remembering the Red Stop Sign Pin, and We're Stitching

    • 04 - First Connected Pass Done, Marking Our Next Start Point in Preparation for Advancing, Closing the Pattern - Going Back to Our Master, Advance and Repositioning, Verifying We are Not Clearing All Bars, Remove Pin and We're Stitching Again

    • 05- Repeating the Steps Over and Over, Cropping at the Bottom of the Quilt

    • 06 - Additional Cropping Options for the Bottom of the Quilt

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    Chapter 04 - E2E The MK Way Explained and From the Beginning

    • Why Simulation -- An Explanation

    • Initial Simulations Steps

    • Determining Throat Depth Using the Measure Function, Explanation of Manual Repeat

    • Creating and Saving A Master Area, Finding and Re-Saving Our Original Digital Design

    • Determining Pattern Size for Stitching, Repeating using the Fill Function, Adjusting Gap Distance and the Number of Repeats

    • Saving our Non-Connected Design, Naming Tips

    • Paying Attention to Directionality and Rotating Start Points to the Top if Possible

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    Chapter 05 - Stitching What We've Built in Simulation

    • Cheat Sheet

    • Reviewing Stitchout Steps/Similar to E2E for Intermediates Course, Explanation of File Management for the Built Designs

    • Opening a Design Built in Simulation, Marking an Area, Adjusting the Area Height, Aligning the Pattern, Initial Crop, Evaluate and Move Start Points,

    • Naming the Stichout / Always 2 Designs (Before and After), Nudging to Fill Unquilted Space, Things to Avoid with Crop/Quirky Cropping, Explanation of Advance and Ending the Quilt (Referring to Earlier Chapters Herein)

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    Chapter 06 - How MK's Use of Simulation for E2E Started - A History and Review

    • HQ Machines - True Stitchable Throat Depth Chart (Including Frame Lengths)

    • Review of the3 Steps Using PSP vs. 506, Setting up our Master Area Box in Simulation,

    • Building Rose Garden Master E2E, Same steps: Evaluate Size and Start Points, Air Stitch if Necessary, Copy Design into 01 My E2E, Repeat, Same Steps: Fit, P2P, Over Fill, Evaluate the No. of Passes Vertically, Save

    • Prostitcher Design for the Connected E2E Steps, Save the Connected File as a Design (.hqf in this lesson for DEMONSTRATION purposes only) Opening that Design in PSP, Copying New Files onto Flashdrive for use at the machine, File Management Tips

    • PSP Vs. 506 Demonstration Purposes ONLY Continued

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    Chapter 07 - The New MK Way for Connected E2E / Starting w/Simulation and PS Designer

    • Updating to 537 and Looking at the Cropping Snafu, Reboot Sim - Reestablishing Position Zero

    • Updated Master Area Cheat Sheet, Create the Master Area in Sim, Repeat, Saving Design and Workspace Options, Determining Vertical Repeats

    • Connecting Step in PSP Designer, Using the Line Tool and Ctrl T to Connect, Creating a New Link, Expanding Your PSD Side Boxes, Ungrouping

    • Final Saving Steps; Repeate The Steps from this Chapter Again and Again. Next Chapter, Cropping Snafu Will Be No More

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    Chapter 08 - A Little File Management

    • Come Along With Me as I Get My Folders Reorganized

    • Consolidating Folders and Transferring to a USB - Part 01

    • Consolidating Folders Continued

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    Chapter 09 - Final Stitching Steps (No More Cropping Snafu)

    • 01 - Back at the Quilt - Ready to Crop and Quilt, Selecting the Pattern (Opening Workspace, Not Design), Explaination of How Workspace Patterns Open, Building the Area, Cropping and Adjusting Start Points to the Top

    • 02 - Baselining and Saving (Save as Design Not Workspace), Filling Un-Quilted Space at Top, Cropping Again, Saving After Pattern, Important Stop Sign Moment #3, Red Pin in the Batting

    • 03 - Marking and Advancing, Opening the B4 Pattern, Repositoning, Cropping at the End of the Quilt