Course Outline

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    Chapter 01 - Introduction

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    Chapter 02 - Extended Introduction

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    Chapter 04 - Starting with Simulation

    • MK Explains X and Y Coordinates plus The Meaning and Location of Zero/Zero

    • A Look at it from PSP Simulation

    • A Look at it from PSP Simulation CONTINUED

    • A Look at it from PSP Simulation CONTINUED

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    Chapter 05 - Continuing with Prostitcher Designer

    • A look at Coordinates and Zero/Zero from the PSD Perspective

    • A look at Coordinates and Zero/Zero from the PSD Perspective - CONTINUED

    • A look at Coordinates and Zero/Zero from the PSD Perspective - CONTINUED

    • A look at Coordinates and Zero/Zero from the PSD Perspective - CONTINUED

    • A look at Coordinates and Zero/Zero from the PSD Perspective - CONTINUED

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    Chapter 06 - Completing the Wholecloth Layout using Prostitcher Premium Only

    • Wholecloth Layout with Prostitcher Premium, A Spoken Overview

    • Focus on (File Design Open) in Prostitcher Premium and a quick look at Quilt Pattern Indexer (QPI)

    • Opening Files in Bulk Fashion from QPI and doing the final Reposition Zero

    • Reposition Zero one at a Time

    • Final Positioning and Fixing Coordinates on a Rogue Design

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    Chapter 07 - Preparing the Wholecloth Layout for Stitching

    • Continued Explanation of Reposition Zero If We Move Cross-Hairs in Simulation

    • Cleaning up any Duplicates and Determining Throat Space before we Proceed

    • Breaking the Layout Down into Rows and Workspaces, Focus on Stitchable Throat Space, Adjusting Area to Match Throat Depth

    • Save Workspace Without Baseline (Previously Known as PS Projects), Realigning Groups of Designs, Working with Groups (or not) on the Workspace Tab, Custom Selection of Designs, File/Save/Selection - no baseline

    • Repeating Steps from the Last Lesson - Creating Multiple Passes to Stitch Later, Focus, Tips for Realignment of a Group of Designs, Dragging Designs in Simulation (not the same as Drag/Drop)

    • Considerations for Shorter Throat-Depth Machines

  • 8

    Chapter 08 - Preparing the Wholecloth Layout for Stitching - Using Prostitcher Designer

    • Coloring our Design to help with Thread Changes, Push Functionality between PSP and PSD, Customizing Color Choices in PSD,

    • Removing Colors in PSD, Choosing/Customizing just the Colors You Might Want, To Group or Not to Group - We're Grouping by Color ONLY, Save and Moving On

  • 9

    Chapter 09 - More Preparation Utilizing Prostitcher Designer

    • Re-load / Re-play of Content Originally Released in the Designer Days Series

    • Viewing our Quilting Space, Ungrouping Designs,

    • Realigning the Wholecloth to "Inside of Quilting Space", Selecting Groups of Designs in PSD compared to PSP, Breaking Down a Border (not related to the Poinsettia), Isolating Selection to New Workspace, Assigning Stitches and Saving to Workspace

    • Moving Remainder of Wholecloth Layout Back into the Quilting Space, Additional Tips on Grouping, Renaming Designs or Not,

    • Final Thoughts on This (MK's Approach to Wholecloth)

  • 10

    Chapter 10 - Final PSD Steps - The MK Way

    • Saving from PSD to a Workspace Using "Save Selection" Option

  • 11

    Chapter 11 - The Poinsettia Stitching Steps

    • Loaded and Ready to Stitch

    • Opening the Pre-Set Workspace No1 at the quilt, Repositioning the First Time, Setting Area, Resizing

    • Repeat of the previous lesson. Actual Steps Shown in Simulation for Clarification

    • Multi-Point Marking for Each and Every Design in Row 01

    • Multi Point Marking, Alignment, Adjusting with Resize and Nudge, and Cropping Explained

    • Additional Use of Cropping on Straight-Edge Designs, Talking Through Preparations for Row 2

  • 12

    Chapter 12 - Opening and Repositioning Row 2 Workspace, Saving Tips

    • Open, Resize and Position Row 2 Workspace, Screen Only Drag and Drop, The Follow Function and Zoom as Helpful Tools

    • Stitching and Saving Row 2

  • 13

    Chapter 13 - And That's a Wrap for MK's Dream Big Poinsettia

  • 14

    Chapter 14 - Bonus Content

    • Spoken Introduction about Other Sets I Am Going to Cover

    • Autumn the Fox / The Panel / LegitKits, Working Through QPI, Reposition Zero

    • Finishing Final Layout including Straight Line Sections using PS Designer, Push Functionality, Alignment Tips and Tricks, Creating a New Designs Link, Resizing Side Panel Boxes in PSD

    • Drag/Drop Align the Straight Line Segments, Saving Tips, Working with Quilting Space, Uh Oh - A Forgotten Step

    • Resizing the Layout to Fit the Panel, Final Thoughts and a Hit about the Next Chapter

  • 15

    Chapter 15 - Dream Big Dance

    • Spoken Intro and Loose Details about this Set and the Layout

    • Opening the Designs, Trying Reposition Zero w/Prostitcher Only, Utilizing Batch Conversion to .HQV with PSD

    • Things to Consider w/Designer Directions, Determining Layout Size, Setting PSD Background Color, Where to Start - Working Outside In, Alignment Tips and Tricks

    • Comparing Designs in the Set, Position to Origin, Using a Circle as a Template for Alignment and Sizing, Getting Started with the Carousel Tool

    • Sizing using the Circle/What NOT to Do, Resizing and Carousel Using the Center Point of Designs as a Guide, Using the PSD Guidelines to Assist with Sizing

    • Finetuning the Carousel, Coloring our Layout/Just for Fun, Custom Rotation Value

    • Connecting 2 Carousel Rounds, Final Thoughts

  • 16

    Chapter 16 - Bonus to the Bonus

    • Stitching This, or Other Wholecloths, at a Larger Size

    • Grouping and Colorings; Scenarios when you would want to and How to Undo and Ungroup that

    • Stitchout Thoughts if the Designs are Individually Listed or Grouped Together with Jumps

    • To Group or Not to Group, How to Ungroup Designs Beyond the "Ctrl U" Function, Creating a Separate Workspace

  • 17

    Chapter 17 - Dream Big Set from Stitch Delight

    • Intro to Stitch Delight's Set

    • Building a Layout like One Would Build a Puzzle,

    • Aligning Your Puzzle (your layout) using a Square,

    • Fine Tuning the True Size of the Layout

    • Saving, Review--Breaking the Layout Back Down Into Stitchable Rows

    • Review: Opening the Designs in PSP, Double Checking Overall Size, Adjustments if Needed, Options for Stitching

  • 18

    Chapter 18 - Dream Big Set(s) from Urban Elementz

    • Spoken Intro regarding the Set: Dream Big Pizzazz

    • File Management and File Types from the Urban Elementz Dream Big Sets, Opening the Design in PSP the Way it Came Grouped from the Designer

    • Rebuilding the Layout with the Puzzle Pieces Separate, Using the Grouped Design as a Mask (A Template) to Aid in Recreation

    • Using the Designer Map to Manage the Re-Layout, Doing the Layout in a Loose Fashion (Close Enough is Good Enough) for Set up, Double Check and Save

    • The Importance of Baseline, Save Workspace One Final Time, Explaining Stitchout Options

    • Stitching out the Workspace, Repositoning the Workspace, Marking Area, Isolating the Designs that Fit in Your Throat Space, Saving at the Machine, And Your Stitching

    • Urban Elementz's Set: Setting it up in Prostitcher Designer, Review: Breaking Down the Pieces of the Entire Layout Provided by UE

    • Urban Elementz's Set: Setting it up in PSD Continued

    • Opening the Version with the Designs Listed Individually, Renaming the Individual Designs in the Layout, Previewing the Next Chapter

  • 19

    Chapter 19 - Planning Your Own Wholecloth Layout and Stitchouts

    • Wholecloth Layouts the MK Way, MK's History and Journey through Wholecloths, MK's Interview with Handi Quilter

    • Recreating MK's Blue Wholecloth Stitchout Spoken Intro

    • MK's Layouts Begin with Quilt Pattern Indexer, Review of Opening the Layout in Prostitcher Designer, Refreshing a PSD Folder

    • Building the Center 8-Pointed Star Using Carousel in PSD, Thinking through the Size of our Carousel,

    • Rotating the Medallion, Incremental Rotation with Decimals - Options in PSD and PSP, Review of Saving

    • Determining the Size of the Medallion using Area, Building the Layout Organically from the Center Out, Pushing Workspaces Back and Forth Between PSP and PSD

    • Building a New Carousel Using the Circle as a Guide,

    • Remember to Save, Remember to Assign Stitched, Continuing with Layout and Rendering in Prostitcher Premium,

    • Layout and Rendering Continued - Finalizing the Inside Blocks and Triangles, Reminders about Grouping/Naming/Saving and the Narrow Sashing

    • Layout and Rendering Continued - Outer Piano Key Border

    • Layout and Rendering Continued - Outer Border Corners

    • Finishing Up the Layout

  • 20

    Chapter 20 - Putting All the Tools to Use on MK's Blue Wholecloth

    • Prostitcher Designer Steps to Break This Down in Preparation for Stitching

    • Prostitcher Designer Steps Continued

    • Wrapping It Up and Final Thoughts

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    Chapter 22 - MK Offers Ideas

    • Share Here if You'd Like

    • Free Time Play