Course Outline

  • 1

    Chapter 01 - Dream Bigger the MK Way Introduction

    • Products and Links

  • 2

    Chapter 02 - Spoken Introduction

    • Here It Is, Let's Get Started

    • Additional Spoken Intro, Preparing the Panel, Backing Options, Thread Choices, The MK Plan Related to Shorter-Throat Depth Machines, Reminders and Review of the Poinsettia Wholecloth Course,

  • 3

    Chapter 03 - Set Up Steps (Simulation and Prostitcher Designer)

    • Review: PSP Simulation and PSD Set up Steps, Zero/Zero - Reposition Zero, Create New Link to your DB Designs Folder, Quilt Pattern Indexer,

    • Opening Designs from QPI into PSP Simulation, Auditioning Reposition Zero to See if it Works, Reviewing Batch Conversion from within PSD in order to Audition Reposition Zero, Pushing All the Designs to PSD

    • Getting all the Designs Open on the PSD Workspace, Beginning the Layout Process Referring to the Layout Map Provided by the Designer,

    • The Finished Layout using PSD, The Individual Grouping Step Reviewed when the Layout is Complete, Saving Reviewed, Resizing the Layout to the Dream Bigger Panel (Approximately 106" Square), Beginning "Break it Down" Process, Explaining Turning Scenario

    • Establishing the Sections Row by Bow, Saving Row by Row, Painting the Final Layout to Identify Pieces that Don't Fit

  • 4

    Chapter 04 - Stitching

    • Post Simulation / Ready to Stitch, Explanation of Turning, Basting and Advancing; Being Very Careful of Advancing Far Enough to Accomodate Large Pieces, To Multi-Point Mark an Area - Or Not,

    • Stitching Continues - Designs Aren't Matching - Hmmmm, My Explanation Why At This Stage of the Game, Spot Checking Each Piece for Positioning at the Quilt,

    • Using Simulation to Explain and Recreate, First Pass - Things to Think About, Alignment at the Top, Select None Tip to Avoid Unintended Groupings, MK's Ooops - Check Your Sides to Make Sure Things Still Fit, SPI: 13-14 Explanation, 1/2 Baste

  • 5

    Chapter 05 - Advancing and Aligning the New Pieces, Parts and Rows

    • Options and Tips for Avancing, Needle Down Drag/Drop for Advancing (Yes, You Saw that Correctly)

    • Combating Drawup and Shrinkage, Resizing Each Row as You Go Along, Options for Aligning or Reposition Each Row

    • Fine Tuning Positioning on Each Piece Happens Individually, Some Airstitching Help Immensely, Grouping and Saving After Stitching as You Go Along

  • 6

    Chapter 06 - 1/2 Way

    • I'm Half Way, Some Thoughts about the Intial 1/2 of this Stitchout

  • 7

    Chapter 07 - Reviewing Before Turning

    • Saving Option before Advancing on Each Row

    • Saving Option Before Advancing Continued

  • 8

    Chapter 08 - Rebuilding and Working with the Layout After Turning the Quilt

    • Working in Simulation to Rebuild the Design

    • Taking the Design to the Machine to Begin in the Other Direction

    • Using the Push/Send Technology between PSP and PSD to Isolate and Work with Individual Designs in it's New Turned Configuration

    • Fine Tuning Positioning

    • Considerations After the First New Design (or Desings) Have Been Stitched

    • More Considerations for the Next Advance

    • Recap on Repeating These Same Steps Over and Over

  • 9

    Chapter 09 - Working With Over-Sized Designs That Didn't Fit In Either Direction

    • Using PSD to Create an Outline, Assign Stitches to the Outline, Save that Shape w/Stitches as an Area, Fill that Area with an E2E

    • Filling with E2E Part 2

  • 10

    Chapter 10 - Other Fill Options

    • Additional "Fill w/Edge to Edge Design" Options

    • Additional Fills Continued

    • Additional Fills Continued

  • 11

    Chapter 11 - Advanced Fill Option

    • Fill w/Edge to Edge Combined with Repeat on Path in PSD

    • Advanced Fill Option Continued

  • 12

    Chapter 12 - Dream Big Set from Wasatch Quilting

    • Reviewing the Process

    • Review the Process Continued

    • Final Review, A Couple Different Options in PSD to Get a Piece of the Puzzle to Fit and WE'RE DONE

  • 13

    Chapter 13 - Dream Big Set from A Bit Orange

    • 20% off Designs from A Bit Orange

    • Reviewing the Process / Ahh, Reposition Zero Works. Thanks, Celeste

    • Reviewing the Process Continued

  • 14

    Chapter 14 - Final Thoughts

    • Chapter 14 - MK's Final Thoughts

  • 15

    Chapter 15 - Addendum . . . . Dream Bigger Digital Set from A Bit Orange

    • An Offer from A Bit Orange

    • New Offering from A Bit Orange

  • 16

    Chapter 16 - Loading Dream Bigger #2 The MK Way w/Spoken Comments at the End

    • Loading Dream Bigger / Watch to the End

  • 17

    Chapter 17 - New Content / 108" Design Set from a Bit Orange

    • How I'm going to Teach This Add-On Content

    • Starting with PSP Simulation, QPI and Reposition Zero

    • Taking the Setup to the Quilt, Aligning Row 01 to The First Area Box or Reposition the Group of Designs to Top Left, Selecting Designs One at a Time to Stitch

    • Grouping Petals Together (Even if the Petal Pieces are Too Large for Our Throat Depth),

    • Grouping Petals in Designer instead of Pro-Stitcher - Either Will Work

    • Ready to Stitch, Conversation about Saving

    • First Advance Using Select All and Drag Using Finger on the Screen Then Nudging

    • Advancing Using Needle Down Drag/Drop

    • Advancing and Re-Creating New Area Box To Help Center Center New Grouping of Designs and the Use of Designer to get the Next Pass Built

    • Shaving Away Parts of the Workspace We Don't Need and Doing Re-Grouping Using Designer

    • Resizing Something That's Not Matching the Panel

    • Using the View Rubberband Function to Help Us Resize Items and Areas Where We Can Crop If Necessary

    • Comparing Saving A Piece (Or Pieces of the Puzzle) as a Design or a Workspace and the Differences

    • Workspace vs. Design and a Discussion about Coordinates, Splitting a Portion of a Design to Create an Area to Fill

    • Splitting a Portion of a Design to Create an Area to Fill Continued

    • Splitting a Portion of a Design to Create an Area to Fill Continued

    • Adding Letting to the Stitchout Using Purchased Fonts from KK Quilts

    • Adding Lettering Continued

    • Adding Lettering Continued

    • Adding a Custom Label Block to the Bottom Edge / More Text Plus Custom Cropping

    • Custom Label Block Continued

    • Final Additions and Final Thoughts