A Note About The Pattern Used

The pattern book used in this course is Imagine by Nancy Halvorsen. While you do not need to purchase the book to learn the applique basics covered in this course, if you would like to make the project with me, you will need to purchase this book for the template patterns.

I will be using the patterns in this book for future courses - so you will get a lot of use from it! 

You can find the book through the publisher Art to Heart or anyplace that sells Nancy's patterns. 

What You Will Learn

  • 1

    About the Course

    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Imagine: Give Block - Supply List

  • 2


    • Getting Things Ready

    • Stabilizing the Background Square

    • Tracing and Cutting Fusible Web for Applique Pieces

  • 3

    Getting the Applique Pieces Ready

    • Ironing the Fusible Web to the Fabric

    • Cutting the Fabric Applique Pieces

  • 4

    Using the Blanket and Pin Stitch to Applique

    • Applique Stitch Handout

    • Stitch Description

    • Stitching Around a Curve

    • Stitching Around a Corner

    • Stitching an Inside Point

  • 5

    Stitching the Applique Pieces

    • Placing the Flower Pot

    • Stitching the Flower Pot

    • Placing the Flowers

    • Stitching the Flowers

    • Summing Things Up