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    Loading the Loft Frame

    • Lesson 01 - Spoken Introduction, Tools: Zippers and Sew Tites, To Float or Not To Float, Loft Frame Pole Configuration (low or high position), Full Explanation of Zippers the MK Way,

    • Let's Get to Loading, Make Sure You Have Enough Backing Fabric, Where To Start: Center OR NOT, Loosely Pinning to the Zipper Tabs, Preparations for Basting at our Domestic Sewing Machine

    • Back at the Frame Post-Basting, Zipping Everything Back On, Zipper Pull Configuration, Spritzing the Backing While We Load, Rolling Back an Forth,

    • Batting/Right and Wrong Side, Horizontal Channel Locks to Plumb Line, Thread While Basting, Loading Quilt Top with the Sew Tites, Rolling the Quilt After Attaching to the Quilt Leader

    • Pins or No Pins for the Quilt Top, Side Grips to Clamp the Sides, Stitch Length to 4 for Basting, Channel Locks Yes or No, Avoiding the Pins While Basting, Removing the Pins