Course Projects

  • 1

    Mini Charm Baby Quilt

    • How the Idea for This Project Came to Be

    • Inspiration

    • 01 - Explaining the Project, Dimensions and the Supply List

    • 02 - Initial Steps for Free-Motion Quilters, Manual Channel Lock Step, Channel Locking Steps with PS Lite, Placing Row #1

    • 03 - Attaching the Square w/Horizontal Channel Lock (manual channel locking/not computerized)

    • 04 - Spoken Intro to PS Simulation, PS Lite Steps at the Machine, Creation of an Area and Alignment of the Design

    • 05 - Marking Frame Space with PS Lite, Evaluating and Jumping Between Start Points with the Prostitcher/New Star and End Tab, Using the Needle Prick in the Fabric to Position our Fabric Squares

    • 06 - An Option for Stitching a Straight Line to Secure the Mini Charms, Decision about Parallel Lines and Use of the Nudge Function

    • 07 - Simulation - Part 01 / Brief Explanation of Simulation, Setting Up The Block of Repeated Squares Using MK's Process Called Layout and Rendering, Brief Explanation of File Folder Configuration for PS Lite

    • 07B - Simulation - Part 02 / Resizing a Simple Square to Start Our Layout, Duplication and Area Functions, How to Move Cross-Hairs in Simulation

    • 07C - Simulation - Part 03 / Side Panel Buttons Explained, Alignment, The "Why Am I Doing This" Explained

    • 07D - Simulation - Part 04 / Using Simulation to Figure out the Number of Fabrics Squares to Use, Repeat and Gap Distance Helps

    • 07E - Simulation - Part 05 / Simulation Steps Explained for PS Premium Users

    • 07F - Simulation - Part 06 / Creating Straight Parallel Straight Lines

    • 07G - Simulation - Part 07 / Straight Parallel Straight Lines Continued - Connecting the Straight Lines using PS Designer

    • 08 - Advancing Using Needle Down Drag and Drop

    • 09 - Checking Positioning w/PS Lite, Explanation of Shrinkage, Creating a New Area Box to Help with a Slight Resize of the Design, Nudging to Fine-Tune Positioning Resizing

    • 10 - Placing Squares, Using PSL to Stitch Left, Using Channel Lock to Stitch Right, Explanation of Ball Point Needles, Thinking Ahead to How We'll Get the Lines in the Other Direction

    • 11A - Fine-Tuning My Placement Options, Including Horizontal Channel Locks and Keeping the Thread Engaged - Stitching Back and Forth Manually, Advancing and Repositioning Using Start Point

    • 11B - Using Prostitcher Lite and Reposition Start Point to Get Repositioned In Order to Use the Repeated Grid of Squares Again for Placement Going Forward

    • 12 - Another Approach for Positioning the Squares, Over-Driving the Regulator with Horizontal Channel Lock Engaged

    • 13 - Done (In One Direction Anyway), Trimming and Turning the Quilt

    • 14 - Reloaded After Turning and Reattaching the Quilt, Using a Ruler Base and Straight-Edge Ruler to Stitch the Long Lines in the Other Direction, Another Option: PS Mark and Record to Create a Straight Stitching Line

    • 15 - Demonstrating PS Mark and Record Using Simulation

    • 16 - Straight Lines/No Ruler-No Channel Locks, Some MK Famous Wiggle Ditching and TaDa, She's Done

    • Keep Watch / Binding Course Coming Soon