Course Outline

  • 1

    Chapter 01 - Course Introduction and Information

  • 2

    Chapter 02 - Spoken Introduction

  • 3
  • 4

    Chapter 04 - Booting Up Your Machine and Pro-Stitcher

    • Additional Spoken Intro, Uninterruptible Power Supply Recomendation, Initial Boot-Up Steps, Tablet Boot-Up Options

    • Final Boot-Up Process, Machine Console-Checking the Lighting Settings, Refreshing So As To See Your Orange Crosshairs, Purple Crosshairs-What and Why

  • 5

    Chapter 05 - Functionality Explained from both "At the Machine" and from "Inside of Simulation"

    • Option #1 // The Pro-Stitcher Move Function to Accomplish a Horizontal Plumb Line

    • The Pro-Stitcher Move Function Continued

    • The Pro-Stitcher Move Function at the Machine, Refresh to See the Crosshairs, Move Function Creates the Horizontal Plumb Line, Backing Fabric and Loading Tips,

    • The Horizontal Channel Lock Option to Create the Horizontal Plumb Line, The Lock Motors Snafu and Workaround, Stitches Per Inch Options

  • 6

    Chapter 06 - Additional Machine Settings / Console Screen

    • Console Settings that Relate to Pro-Stitcher, Regulated Mode, Stitches Per Inch (SPI), Cruise Setting Vs. Precision, Calculating the Cruise Percentage for PS

    • Low Bobbin Counter/Off for This Course, Thread Break Alarm/On, Handlebar Assignments, Tie Off Settings on the Machine

  • 7

    Chapter 07 - Prostitcher Settings

    • Basic PS/Tablet Settings/ Gear Tab Settings: The Underlying (the guts) of the Robotics

    • PS/Tablet Settings Continued

    • PS/Tablet Settings Continued

  • 8

    Chapter 08 - Loaded and ALMOST Ready to Stitch / Let's Talk Quilting Space (AKA: Frame Space for PS Lite Owners)

    • Caution with Side Grips and HQ Feet

    • Defining Quilting Space / Option #1 - Defining the Entire Frame Space Opening

    • Defining Quilting Space / Option #2 - Defining the Space Based on the Quilt and Backing We Have Loaded

    • Opening Designs using Open at Crosshairs

    • Recap from Simulation: Quilting Space, Opening at Crosshairs

    • Repositioning 101

    • Repositioning 101 Continued