Course Outline

  • 1

    Needle Magnet and Other Tools to Keep Close to Your Machine

    • Needle Magnet and More Tool Tips

  • 2

    Using a Washer to Protect Your Handi Quilter Feet

    • MK's Tip - Use a Washer

  • 3

    Breaking In A New Machine - 05/2023

    • Intro to Breaking in a New Machine

    • Pro-Stitcher Tablet Settings, Console Settings and Functionality

    • Console Settings Continued

    • Bobbin Case Considerations

    • Needles and Needle Magnets

    • Test Stitching

    • Final Test Stitching and Final Thoughts

  • 4

    Reloading a Quilt Onto the Frame the MK Way

    • See My "Load Quilts The MK Way" Course