Course Outline

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    Chapter 03 - Breaking the Block Apart

    • Start/End Crop Function, Things to Think About After Cropping the Block Apart, Block on Point with Crop Start/End

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    Chapter 04 - Not All Blocks Work the Same Way

    • Comparing Blocks - Which Ones Can Be Broken Apart, Which Ones Can't, Designers Who Create Half and Quarter Blocks, Border Designs as an Option

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    Chapter 05 - Building a Block from Other Units

    • Building a Block Starting with a Triangle, Duplication and Alignment to Create A Half Block, Grouping, Baselining and Saving the New Block

    • Building a Block Continued, Same Technique - Different Triangle

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    Chapter 06 - Adjustments and Minor Fixes on Altered or Created Blocks Using Pro-Stitcher Designer

    • Aligning Design Points After a Previous Crop, Using the Guideline Function and the Snap Functions

    • Saving the Final Block and Final Thoughts from MK