What is the Purpose of this Group?

MK Quilts is the leading NATIONAL Handi Quilter retailer with customers all across the nation and our own independent technicians scattered across the country. 

We have noticed a disturbing trend plaguing HQ machine owners lately, with retailers across the nation closing up shop and leaving their customers without service or not offering reliable service even if open. We also realize that even if there is a retailer within a few hours, many owners struggle to physically transport their machines to the shop. With so few states having enough reliable technicians available to do service calls in the home, there is understandable frustration from HQ owners. 

We saw a need for education and training, so we are in the process of developing a program to offer technical training to Handi Quilter machine owners (or owners of  Janome/Babylock systems) who want to service their own longarms and who may want to become longarm technicians and offer their services to other quilters. This is NOT going to be a  certification program. You will be learning from and receive mentoring from our own certified technicians.

We have completed the planning stage and have started the development phase. As we build the program, we would love to have you join us "behind the scenes" to see what we are developing and to get feedback, suggestions and recommendations from  those individuals who might be interested in such a program.  Our goal is to create two levels of training - one for those who are interested in learning to service their own machines and one for those who are interested in learning to do more advanced repairs on their own machines and possibly offer their services to others. 

For that purpose, we have created this "classroom" to give us a meeting space and a way to collaborate and share information easily and privately. We will be hosting live webinars and active discussions to both share and gather information. 

We expect the development to take us a few months and hope to launch the full program at the beginning of 2023.

Who Should Join This Group?

Every owner wants to get their system quickly repaired and maintained so that it continues to operate perfectly. This development group is for you if you want the following:

  • You own a Handi Quilter longarm and you wish to be able to service your own or a family member's machine.
  • You may be willing to do service for other people in your area.
  • You are willing to spend time reviewing materials, attending live chats and sharing your honest feedback.
  • Help us develop a program that offers training, ongoing support by certified technicians and access to repair parts... even under warranty. 

The time of the meetings will vary to allow participation by all.  Meetings will be recorded for later review.  And you will be able to provide feedback on posted content as you find time to review them. 

And Who Should NOT...

This is NOT the right place if you are looking for trouble shooting tips, need technical support, or have a qualified local retailer with technicians near you. In these cases, please see our Troubleshooting Longarms with PSP Masterclass, visit the MK Quilts Support Page, or contact your local retailer. 

If you are interested in learning to service your own machine, but don't want to actively participate in the development of our programs, then hold tight... our programs will be up and running and available to you as soon as possible. 

What Can You Expect From This Group?

Participation in this group is a win-win. You get everything listed here and we get to build the best Tech Training Service Program available!

  • Private Access to Pilot Training Program Materials.

  • Your Voice is Valuable! Tell Us What You Want Included.

  • Coaching & Support From Our Own Certified Technicians.

  • Access to Repair Parts... Even Under Warranty!

  • Networking & Marketing Opportunities.

Why The Cost?

We are charging a small fee for this development group for these reasons:

  1. We want to gather folks who are serious about taking part in the development of this program. We feel those who made an investment will be more likely to be active in the group and will understand the benefit of having a voice in the process. 
  2. Let's be honest... it also makes US more committed. Time is in short supply and we often have to prioritize our workload. With an invested customer group, this project becomes a top priority. We are dedicated to delivering what you have paid for. 
  3. As these programs grow, so do we. This is a huge undertaking and Paul will be taking the lead. That means additional staff to take over some of his previous duties as well as additional technicians to help with the training program. 
  4. Members of this group aren't just paying to help us develop the training program, they are receiving the training program materials as well.  Members will have access to all of the courses, webinars, and written documents that will be included in the final programs for the duration of the development.